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The time to start is now—Cutting Edge Martial Arts is enrolling

Cutting Edge Martial Arts is still enrolling for all of our martial arts and fitness classes. At both the Bozeman and Big Sky locations, our classes emphasize practical martial arts and self-defense for kids and adults alike. By developing your skills through martial arts training and technique, we enhance your self-control, discipline, focus, and confidence. The balance of high-intensity fitness and conditioning with age-appropriate skills training creates well-rounded, healthy students of all ages. All you need to begin is the willingness to work hard, focus, and improve. Check out the variety of kids and adult martial arts classes available at Cutting Edge. Whether you’re looking to become a competitive martial artist or want to spice up your workout, try out a free class today.


Diverse, well rounded martial arts right here in Montana

Our martial arts philosophy focuses on taking the best concepts, techniques, and ideas from of a wide variety of martial arts. Our martial arts classes integrate the strengths of Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Aikijujutsu, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, and elements from half-a-dozen other martial arts. With a strong emphasis on fitness, cross-training, and injury prevention, plus the inclusion of training in traditional Karate weapons and Krav Maga gun, knife, and bat defense, Cutting Edge Martial Arts is your place for world-class martial arts training right here in Montana.

See what some of our students had to say about Cutting Edge Martial Arts

Cutting Edge Martial Arts is fun & active. It is a great place where I have gained strength, discipline and friends. I have practiced with Mr. Austin for for five years. He is kind, knowledgeable and makes martial arts very fun.

Teagan B.

My son has been attending CEMA for several years. I have consistently been amazed by Mark’s patience, encouragement and focus with his students. As a mentor/instructor, he is simply excellent! The results speak for themselves, both in terms of proficiency in Taekwondo and -as a parent I would say even more importantly – in greater self-discipline and respect for others. There have been so many life skills reinforced at CEMA and the kids all have a blast!
Matthew B.

Having just started TKD at (after years of going to the gym and doing work outs there), I have found that TKD gives me the best all around full body work out of anything I’ve yet tried! And it is way more fun too. Great support group and Mark is both a very knowledgeable as well as kind and patient teacher – just what I needed!
M. Louise

I have been too many different schools for many different arts and I can honestly say that you and your school epitomize what I love about good martial artists and martial arts. Thank you for running your school in such a fair, honest, and open manner.
Josh M.

Cutting Edge Martial Arts is a tremendously beneficial activity for my child. He has gained focus, strength and confidence, and has a blast in class. Mr. Austin provides a safe environment while allowing the students to take responsibility for their own learning and practice.

Susan Byorth

My daughter has attended Taekwondo classes with Mark Austin since kindergarten. She is now nine years into the program and I believe that she has gained strength of character, discipline, and a level of accomplishment that is unparalleled as a result of her experience at Cutting Edge Martial Arts. Mark Austin is a talented and attuned teacher who is able to truly connect with and lead his students. Any parent interested in helping their child to develop a robust sense of self while having fun and getting great exercise, will likely be pleasantly surprised with the instruction at Cutting Edge.
Emily K.

Mark Austin and his team at Cutting Edge Martial Arts are fantastic! They achieve the perfect balance of providing instruction while instilling confidence and having fun. I have a fourth grader and a first grader and they are thoroughly enjoying class!
C. Toth

I have found that Cutting Edge Martial Arts is the best gym in Bozeman. I was looking for a place where I could be in a exercise class setting but that was exciting and didn’t rely on routine. I love the balance that this school offers. It balances posture development with strength and conditioning. It also balances emphasis on several different facets of Taekwondo as well as many different brands of martial arts. Most notably, the instructor/owner Mark Austin is a genuine and welcoming person who makes it fun to get in shape.
Ross Franklin

At 41 I was looking for an alternative to just working out at the gym. I wanted a workout that was both physically and mentally challenging. I had no previous experience in martial arts, but found that CEMA offered noon classes that fit in my schedule. After just two months, not only has my fitness dramatically improved, but I am learning useful skills and discipline that I am applying to numerous facets of my life. Mr. Austin’s teaching style motivates you to work hard and push yourself no matter what your skill or fitness level. I would recommend CEMA’s classes to anyone. In a short time, practicing Taekwondo has had a extremely positive impact on my life.
Michael Blevin

We love sending our second grader to Cutting Edge because of the way Mr. Austin relates to the kids. He gives them the consistent message that they are valuable as individuals, and that their strength comes from within. He is extremely patient, but at the same time requires attention and respect. Mr. Austin never berates the students, and he doesn’t coddle them, either. He tracks each student to help him or her reach individual goals, and when they are reached, the student knows with confidence that it was his or her own effort that got them there. It is the perfect balance of physical outlet, skill-building, mentoring and fun!
The Williams Family

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