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Sign-up for kids and teen summer camps today and get $5 off per month in advance you register! Camps are Our popular martial arts summer camps are coming back for their 5th year! Self-defense, self-confidence, fun, games, movies, swimming, tons of martial arts and more!

Drop off or mail in registration forms and a $95 deposit per camp session to lock in your early-registration discounts as well as multi-session and family discounts if applicable.

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Session I: June 18-22nd
Session II: July 9-13th
Session III: August 6-10th
9am-1pm, Wednesdays 9am-7pm

Teen Camp(12+): August 13-17th

Martial arts and taekwondo classes for all ages

Learn focus, self-discipline, and coordination in a positive environment with martial arts training at Cutting Edge. Our taekwondo and other martial arts classes stress hard work and whole-body conditioning. These are the keys to long term martial arts success. Children and adults will enjoy the diversity of classes we offer. There is a class for the competitive martial artist, for the individual looking for a great alternative workout, and everyone in between! Cutting Edge Martial Arts even offers select free classes to the Bozeman and Big Sky communities to make sure we’re the best fit for you. See our list of martial arts classes below.

More than just karate and taekwondo—become a well-rounded person at Cutting Edge

At Cutting Edge, we care about our students and the skills they develop while under our instruction. Studying martial arts is about more than just karate and taekwondo. It’s about focus. It’s about discipline. It’s about empowering you to make a change. It’s about being a better person every time you step off the mat. On the surface, we teach kids and adults weapons-handling, dexterity, coordination, and physical strength. But Cutting Edge Martial Arts focuses just as much on what lies beneath the surface.

  • We care about developing and encouraging well-rounded people who have the emotional stability, determination, confidence, and focus to be successful on and off the mat. We help students find and refine those internal qualities that will benefit them throughout their lives regardless of their engagement in martial arts and taekwondo. Whether you are a world-class taekwondo black belt or a casual martial artist or somewhere in between, these are skills that are important to everyone.

Kids’ Martial Arts

Our primary goals when it comes to kids martial are to help kids become stronger-physically, mentally, and emotionally. With us, your children will learn to be confident, self-assured, and grow in a comfortable and compassionate environment. For more information on the rules of the mat at Cutting Edge, view our Parents’ Guide here.


  • Peewee Martial Arts: This class is a lighter, shorter version of the beginner’s class. This fun class for ages 4 to 5 focuses more on general coordination, balance, focus, and self-control and less on technique and rank promotion. It is capped at 4 students.
  • Kids’ beginner martial arts: This class is a basic introduction to taekwondo. It focuses on kicks, hand techniques, self-defense, and correct forms, while also focusing on coordination, self-control, self-discipline, and respect. This is a perfect class for kids ages 5 and up, for white belts through yellow belts.
  • Kids’ intermediate martial arts: This class stresses more advanced taekwondo technique and forms and introduces higher-level sparring and weapons-training. Some other forms of martial arts are included in this class geared toward children ages 6 and higher. Designed for green belts through senior blue belts.
  • Kids’ advanced martial arts: This martial arts course teaches a wide variety of martial arts training, including adult-style workouts to gun and knife self-defense, high-level sparring, advanced open-hand and weapon forms, and more. Students in this class hold red belts through black belts.
  • Summer martial arts camps: Cutting Edge Martial Arts hosts annual martial arts summer camp sessions. Check back for more information on our select camps as summer approaches.

*Group or individual self-defense classes available on request.

Adult Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Martial Arts Workouts

Our adult classes pair high-intensity fitness and personal training with precise and intentional martial arts technique. You won’t be leaving our school without breaking a sweat! All of our workout routines engage your core strength and teach balance, focus, and stability. At Cutting Edge, we focus heavily on injury prevention during our whole-body martial arts workouts. We also know your time is valuable, so we offer convenient scheduling to get your martial arts training in on your time. There are even several free classes and daily noon classes available.


  • General training classes: Throughout the week, these general training courses focus on strengthening your core and giving you a wide variety of full-body workouts. Our warm-up and workout routines borrow from Olympic martial artists and professional athletes. We stress developing core strength, stability, balance, and injury prevention. Our general training classes meet several nights a week at our Bozeman and Big Sky martial arts schools.
  • Tai Chi classes: In these classes, be prepared to gain awareness of your surroundings. You’ll learn Yang-style Tai Chi forms, movements, and mind-body practices to improve your health and well-being. Learn coordination, breathing exercises, and self-defense practices in this class suitable for adults of all ages, from teens to seniors. This course is free.
  • Kung Fu: This free course for men and women is about practical street defense. In just a few classes you’ll learn how to effortlessly take control of a situation regardless of your size, weight, age, or gender. Kung Fu San Soo is the perfect class for non-martial artists who don’t want to commit to ongoing study. It’s also great fun! Kung Fu Master Mark Colby teaches this class.

*Group or individual self-defense classes available on request.

For more information on our class schedule and availability, click here for the Bozeman location and here for the Big Sky location.

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